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How IDE satisfies demanding vibration site requirements in semicon fab cleanrooms

Raunheim, Germany - (January 26, 2015) - IDE installed TAW isolators on a number of unique mask qualification systems for the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer in recent months. Here, the IDE TAW systems met, without compromise, all the of the customer’s stringent X, Y, and Z requirements (<3.1 (um/sec)rms, 8-100 Hz).



In the past years, several distinguished microscope brands have selected the TAW for highly dependable performance, joining a long list of satisfied users. The TAW is considered by many to be the primary vibration isolation system for CD-SEMs, E-beam lithography, ultra-sensitive semiconductor tools and sophisticated inspection equipment. Today, the TAW continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of IDE’s world-class customers,

The TAW system is installed on the concrete floor of a fab or lab. The platform height is leveled to the same height as that of the raised floor. TAW platforms are typically 1.5 m (5 ft.) wide, 2 m (6.5 ft.) long, and 400 mm (1.5 ft.) high. They can accommodate equipment up to 6,000 kg (12,150 lbs.).

Now setting a ten year record of exceptional performance, IDE’s TAW vibration isolators are specifically designed, fully certified, and continuously upgraded for cleanrooms worldwide. The system has been proven countless times to deliver highly optimized passive and active isolation.

A decade of data readily supports IDE’s TAW leadership in vibration isolation for cleanrooms. The trend continues.

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