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IDE And JEOL Collaborate On Improving SEM Image And Performance

Swerea IVF, the advanced R&D and consulting service near Goteborg, Sweden, specializes in developing unique technologies for industrial companies and public institutions, focusing on revolutionary products, processes, materials, production, modeling, simulation, testing and analysis.


Swerea opened a state-of-the-art research lab in a new location within their complex. Working with JEOL Skandinaviska AB in Sollentuna,
 Sweden, Swerea acquired a powerful, sophisticated instrument – the JEOL JSM-7800F Extreme Resolution Analytical Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

The JEOL microscope was ideal for Swerea, but the new lab location had serious problems. The building was located in a busy section of downtown, anchored in a resonant hard clay plot, and near a major motorway – all warning signs that the interior environment of the new lab would have to be greatly adjusted to accommodate the extraordinarily high sensitivity of the JEOL JSM-7800F.

The project needed the proven vibration isolation expertise of Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE), early on in the installation process. IDE is well known to JEOL, having brought up to standards numerous JEOL instruments worldwide. It was an excellent collaboration.

Read a complete account of this skilled integration, recently published in Microscopy Today magazine.

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