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Raunheim, Germany - The worldwide technology company, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) GmbH, is celebrating its 25th corporate anniversary on Thursday, 18 June.


Hosting the day-long event will be the Managing Director of the IDE Group, Thomas Breser. The IDE Group includes IDE Germany; IDE United States; IDE Israel and IDE Japan plus IDE China.

IDE is THE worldwide Expert and Technology Leader in high precision Environmental Control and Automation System-Platforms for the Semiconductor, Microscopy, Nanotechnology and Industrial Machining Industries. Unmatched Machine Dynamics and Control Solutions for the elimination of critical vibration, electro-magnetic and acoustic disturbances as well as Customized Material Handling and Automation Solutions for Zero Contamination Applications in Semiconductor, Food and Pharma.

IDE’s highly sophisticated systems are used by the most prominent high tech manufacturers, universities, government laboratories, engineers, researchers, microscopists, and scientists throughout Europe, the United States, the Americas, Israel and Asia.

Integrated Dynamics Engineering was founded in Flörsheim, Germany, in 1990. Now, IDE resides at its now headquarters complex in Raunheim, Germany, which was opened for use in 2014 with additional extensions are being opened in the summer of 2015.

Since 2008, IDE is part of Aalberts Industries N.V. in Langbroek, The Netherlands. Aalberts Industries has more than 14,300 employees, in some 30 countries, with markets ranging from semiconductors and aerospace to the oil, gas automotive and industrial sectors, among others.

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