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IDE Launches The SLT 3000 Service Lifting Tool

Raunheim, Germany - With the SLT 3000, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) Group launches a new product family of integrated service lifting tools, which enable and support service tasks of any equipment subassembly.


The SLT 3000, an automated service lifting tool for maintaining a wide range of semiconductor systems equipment has been developed by Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE).

With a lifting capacity of up to several tons, the robust and versatile SLT 3000 significantly reduces service time, service costs, and downtime while complying with all safety and cleanroom standards worldwide. It is certified cleanroom Class ISO 1 compatible in idle mode and better than Class ISO 5 in operational mode.

This streamlined customized lifting system, designed by IDE’s highly experienced engineers, performs its critical, specialized tasks without increasing a tool’s footprint. The SLT 3000 can be easily integrated into any semiconductor equipment.

For engineers and on site service technicians, the SLT 3000 does not require a long training session or arduous maneuvering. In fact, the simple integrated push button motion controls direct the SLT 3000 to the precise lifting and moving task without any difficulties or delays. Lift and movement operations can be performed by just one operator in a few minutes. To meet a wide variety of applications, the SLT 3000 service tool can be custom-fitted to virtually any equipment interface in any facility.

The versatility of the STL 3000 service tool is particularly impressive. Any equipment subassembly, such as optics or chamber lids, can be easily lifted and moved vertically or horizontally by the SLT 3000 in all directions, regardless of mass.
The SLT 3000 is compatible with a wide range of semiconductor equipment systems - with a load range from a few kilograms up to several tons. Its horizontal motion range goes beyond 3 meters, and can accommodate a variety of vertical motion ranges, as well.

The SLT 3000 service tool is especially effective in positioning or removing heavy vacuum chamber lids, the highly sensitive optical heads of metrology tools, or other precision components such as stages, robots, isolators and massive granite blocks.

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