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IDE offers local service for China


上海,中国(2月19日,2015年) - Integrated Dynamics Engineering将在2015中国国际半导体技术大会中的德国亭内展示其成功开启全新位在上海浦东新区的中国技术销售和服务的厂房与设施

在上海国际会议中心举办的 2015 中国国际半导体技术大会(March 15-17) 中 ,Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) 将为到访宾客介绍IDE 位在上海浦东的全新、供能完善的技术销售和服务的厂房与设施。







IDE也以高阶振动隔离技术(PAD Series) 和磁干擾消除技术(MK4),提供多数使用扫描式∕透射式电子显微镜(SEM/TEM) 的实验室。

在超过25年以上的历史中,IDE服务全球的顾客在不同领域,包含SEM/TEM市场、开发高解析度计量和光刻系统的大学及研究所、核磁共振成像(MRI) 中心、以及其它遍布全球的科技范筹。

与IDE和我们上海当地代表联系,请电邮到。我们将立即响应。 IDE期盼早日与您开展建设性的诚挚对谈。

Shanghai, China - Integrated Dynamics Engineering Will Highlight the Success Of Its New IDE China Technical Sales and Service Facility In Shanghai’s Pudong New Area At SEMICON China In The German Pavilion.

With the opening of SEMICON China (March 15-17) at the Shanghai International Expo Centre, Integrated Dynamics Engineering will introduce visitors to IDE’s new, fully operational Technical Sales and Service facility in the New Area of Pudong in Shanghai China.

IDE’s highly trained Chinese staff can now conduct detailed site surveys, advanced training, equipment installations and repair, in addition to negotiating all sales and schedules at the local level.

IDE’s operation in Shanghai has been operational for more than 3 years. This operation has been providing high performance isolation to the top tier of China’s Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers as well as many of the Key Technology Laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Science.

IDE is working “hand in hand” to assist in China’s push to become a world leading developer and supplier of high technology.

In the lithography and metrology areas, IDE has been supplying it’s world renowned TCN Systems. This system provides 4x improvement in settling time for maximum wafer throughput and provides “state of the art” isolation performance to maximize the tool’s resolution.

In the advanced lithography area, IDE’s provides its “peerless” NGI System. The NGI system provides better isolation than any other available product on the global market today. This system boasts a16x improvement in isolation performance compared to any systems designed for advanced lithography. In support of China’s Key Laboratories, IDE has drawn from its vast isolation technology base to support numerous applications each with its own unique demands and requirements.

IDE has also supported many of the SEM/TEM laboratories with its high end isolation technology (PAD Series) as well as it magnetic cancellation technology (MK4)

For more than 25 years IDE has been serving a broad range of customers globally, among them, the SEM/TEM markets, Universities and Institutes developing high-resolution metrology and lithography system, MRI centers, and many other technical communities worldwide.

To contact IDE and our local representatives in Shanghai, please email us at We will respond promptly. IDE looks forward to a productive conversation with you soon.

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