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New Facility For Vibration Isolation, EMI Cancellation, and Automation opened in June 2014

Integrated Dynamics Engineering IDE Opens New Facility For Vibration Isolation, EMI Cancellation, And Automation.


Raunheim, Germany (July 21, 2014) - Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) is now fully operational in a new seven-million dollar headquarters, research, and manufacturing complex in Raunheim, Germany, a short distance from Frankfurt International Airport.

“We are very happy that we now can welcome our customers in this new friendly and functional building,” commented Thomas Breser, IDE Global Managing Director, "the new facilities allow us to move one step ahead."

Breser continued, “In addition to an innovative, state-of-the art working environment for our employees, it provides greater convenience and efficiencies for all. It is a well-planned, well-funded investment for the future.”

The new, multi-use IDE campus combines historic early 20th Century buildings with state-of-the-art modern structures. Together, they incorporate more than 52,000 square feet of green-friendly space. Among its advanced features are large state-of-the-art clean rooms, environmentally designed executive and management offices, Wi-Fi conference rooms, and, in progress, a sleek, minimalist showroom highlighting IDE’s newest precision isolation and material handling systems.


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