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What gets us to the 11 nm node?

Tokyo, Japan – As part of the a select group of Germany’s leading technology companies addressing the needs of global semiconductor manufactures at the German Pavilion at SEMICON Japan 2015 in mid-December, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) launched its initiative for expansion on the Asian market and focused on customer support.

More than 60,000 visitors attended SEMICON Japan 2015, a record-breaking total. The major topic discussed at the expo was the “Internet of Things (IoT)”. Many dynamic exhibits focused on a world of new applications fueled conversations with business partners looking at the future growth of the industry. Another important discussion was the question: “What gets us to the 11 nm node?”  

Next to the critical technologies in the lithography process, many supporting technologies, such as control of particle contamination, along with environmental disturbances, such as mechanical vibration, gained IDE’s particular attention. 

With new technology, new processes and more stringent demands, control of mechanical vibration is no longer limited to just floor and air borne vibration. Control of structural forces is getting to be of vital importance in today’s advanced lithography, metrology and inspection equipment. IDE clearly understands this critical need and is already hard at work offering world-class solutions to an anxious corps of global businesses..

The IDE team present at the three days of SEMICON Japan 2015 wishes to thank all of our partners and visitors for their interest and openly shared insights while on site IDE will continue these vital conversations throughout 2016 and beyond. Now, we wish one and all a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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