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IDE Features High Performance Active Vibration Isolation And EMI Cancellation Technology At Major Microscopy Exhibitions In the US and Europe This Summer.

Raunheim, Germany -- IDE will be a major exhibitor at two important microscopy exhibitions this summer. In Ohio at M&M Microscopy & Microanalysis 2016 in July.  And at EMC, the European Microscopy Congress, Lyon France, in August.

These IDE exhibits will feature IDE’s newest Vibration Isolation technology, including the versatile PAD 600 Isolation platform, the highly successful MK5 Controller and Sensor, and an upgraded, customized Helmholtz cage design, among other top IDE isolation solutions.

Custom-fitted and installed at the base of a laboratory instrument, IDE’s PAD 600 platform defines state-of-the-art isolation. In a new ergonomic design, the PAD 600 provides the highest performance active isolation in IDE’s most cost effective hardware solution to date.

This PAD 600 hybrid begins isolation at 0.7 Hz with no air required. This unique Active Vibration Isolation System Platform with six-degrees-of-freedom exceeds all industry requirements for high performance. The result is exceptionally clear imaging for a wide range of applications. The MK5 Active EMI compensation controller is the newest solution in a broad range of EMI compensation upgrades from Integrated Dynamics Engineering, spanning more than 20 years. The flexible MK5 counteracts day-to-day as well as extraordinary EMI disturbances. User interaction has been designed to allow easy access to attenuation performance, system status and trouble shooting at any level of complexity. As a proof of its top quality performance, hundreds of MK controllers in IDE’s long-proven series have been installed worldwide.

The Helmholtz cage on display represents just one of many sizes IDE can customize and produce for a wide rang of isolation applications, from compact configuration around a single instrument - to fully isolating an entire laboratory.

Complete information on all IDE isolation and EMI solutions will be available daily from the team of experts on hand at both exhibitions. Appointments are available, but not necessary.


Visit IDE in Booth 613 at M&M Microscopy & Microanalysis 2016 in Columbus, Ohio, July 24 to 26.

Visit IDE in Booth 43 at EMC, the European Microscopy Congress, in Lyon, France, August 28 to September 2.


In US - at IDE Randolph MA - Peter Wilson

In Europe - at IDE GmbH - Marco Turrini

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