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IDE Opens Highly Abvanced Cleanroom At New German Headquarters

Incorporating today’s most advanced design and technical concepts, the new $1,250,000 cleanroom within the recently opened Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) headquarters facility in Raunheim, Germany, spreads over nearly 7,000 square feet.


It’s years-long, highly detailed development carefully covered every aspect of cleanroom operations, from Environmental Analysis, Workflow, and Mechanical and Electrical System Design, to Controls, Process Coordination, and HVAC and Airflow Design. The result is a tightly managed constantly controlled environment of exceptional quality.

This state-of-the-art cleanroom at IDE is divided into four high precision operating sectors, each fully customized and critically focused on specific tasks in the process.

• Assembly and Testing of Wafer and Mask Handling Products
• Assembly of High Performance Atmospheric Isolation Products
• Assembly of UHV Clean Isolation Products
• Verifying the Full Functional and Performance Qualifications

Every individual IDE product and system goes through this rigorous regime to ensure meeting IDE’s strict standards from inception to shipping.

To streamline processes, the new IDE cleanroom is fitted with a clean hoisting crane which allows for low particle generation assembly. This system, along with every element incorporated into the IDE cleanroom, meets or exceeds all occupational safety requirements in Europe and beyond.

A dedicated team of IDE technicians and cleanroom specialists assured and qualified the cleanliness of the cleanroom. As a result of this rigorous supervision and testing, the new IDE cleanroom achieves the Cleanliness Class: ISO 7 -- and can be upgraded to ISO 6 as needed. Of course, to maintain these absolute cleanroom standards, IDE conducts continuing scheduled checks and procedures that adhere to strict industry measurements and codes.

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