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IDE Solves Multiple Complex SPM Isolation Problems In Prestigious Ilani Lab At The Famed Weizmann Institute Of Science In Rehovot, Israel

Faced with critical problems threatening the precision of their research development, scientists in the Ilani Lab at Israel’s world renowned Weizmann Institute recently called upon Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) for consultations and solutions.


The issues at the Ilani Lab were complex, with a highly disruptive combination of structural vibrations, acoustic interference, and electromagnetic waves compromising their extraordinary mission.

The Ilani Lab is developing a unique scanning probe microscope (SPM), consisting of a carbon nanotube which functions as a single electron transistor. This first-of-its-kind SPM will make use of both the extreme charge sensitivity of the single electron transistor and the atomic size of a carbon nanotube to detect fragile and sensitive quantum states of matter. A completely neutral physical environment in the laboratory is rigorously demanded.

The following report on IDE’s work at the Ilani Lab, along with its detailed supporting graphs and visuals, clearly demonstrates just how effective IDE is when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges in the field.

Problem solving for the global scientific community: IDE has been succeeding here for 25 years.

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