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Integrated Dynamics Engineering IDE Introduces New PAD 800A Vibration Isolation Platform For Electron Microscopes

A unique one-piece active vibration isolation platform for advanced electron microscopes, the IDE PAD 800A, has been developed by Integrated Dynamics Engineering.


An IDE hybrid, the new PAD 800A system features a low profile isolation platform with a trim ergonomic design for comfortable, easy accessibility to the microscope while seated. Built around IDE’s field-proven, highly dependable PAD 600 vibration isolation system platform, the PAD 800A exceeds all industry requirements, delivering the highest performance isolation through the most cost effective hardware solution available today.

The PAD 800A is a six-degrees-of-freedom, active vibration isolation platform supporting the demands of high performance applications. Isolation begins at 0.7 Hz. Installation is quick and easy; no air required.

Through IDE’s patented Floor Motion Feed-Forward feature, standard on every 800A platform, this system achieves outstanding, enhanced low frequency isolation. Another built-in performance benefit, the PAD 800A can differentiate between the structural resonances of the payload and floor-induced vibration. These sensors deliver critical information about present vibration magnitude, which is vital for improved isolation.

Floor and payload vibration are monitored simultaneously. This awareness of the total system transfer function at all levels of vibration enables the PAD 800A’s unique IDE Opticon controller to compute correctional forces in both amplitude and phase.

Integrated Dynamics Engineering is part of the IDE Group, incorporating IDE GmbH in Germany; IDE Inc. in the United States; and IDE Ltd. Japan, is a major unit of Aalberts Industries, founded in 1975 and is based in Langbroek, The Netherlands. Today, Aalberts Industries is the world leader in high precision industrial components, with over 150 companies and more than 12,000 employees.

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For more information please download: PAD_800A.pdf

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