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IDE Launches User Friendly Software for MK4 EMI Compensation System Supporting SEM, TEM, FIB, EBL Microscopes

Software Upgrade for MK4

The globally proven MK4 EMI Compensation System from Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) has been extensively upgraded with a unique graphical interface software program called Kathak, an advanced installation and diagnostics tool.

IDE’s MK4 EMI Compensation System protects electron microscopes and MRI systems by using unprecedented DC and AC disturbance safeguards, including electromagnetic stray field controls.

Kathak employs a simple step-by-step approach to the basic installation of the MK4, enhancing SEM, TEM, FIB and EBL microscope performance, while making monitoring and electromagnetic field management easier and more accurate.

The MK4 EMI Compensation System works with standard or custom Helmholtz cages, IDE’s unique sensors, and IDE feedback controls. Results achieved with the new MK 4 meet or surpass expected performance goals.

Installation reports are generated quickly, with IDE’s new custom template. In addition to installation information, Kathak software measures real-time performance and exports corresponding data plots in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

A unique EMI visualization feature built into Kathak helps users view and evaluate the actual room and the compensation coil arrangement in relation to the microscope’s position.

Highly effective EMI simulation modeling in IDE’s Kathak, based on theoretical field distribution, guides the user in diagnosing the Helmholtz cage installation.

The spectrum analyzer capabilities of IDE Kathak software measure and analyze the real time magnetic field strength data in time domain, frequency domain and transfer function plots.

The new MK4 Kathak software features a do-it-yourself installation process that enables users, especially first-timers, to perform the entire cage installation with a series of simple strokes.

Microscopists also can compare real-time performance against predetermined specifications in a single click. A convenient pop-up virtual keyboard makes input easy and field specific.

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