IDE News


An increase of 150% in the overall production capacity at the recently custom-built IDE corporate complex in the Frankfurt suburb of Raunheim has been documented and reported.

IDE’s substantial investment in this state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and its processes, as well as a streamlined program to structure the manufacturing processes, have been major factors in supporting this impressive growth.

Of particular importance contributing to IDE’s greatly improved production capacity is the addition of an advanced Kardex Remstar automated storage system. This robust, highly flexible process rapidly and accurately stores and retrieves large volumes of goods of various sizes. It can also lift and store heavy loads throughout assembly with ease. As a result, it greatly optimizes shop floor use and the entire assembly process at IDE.

Also contributing to IDE’s new productivity gains are the company’s restructured flow assembly methods, its new fail-safe quality assurance programs, and IDE’s renewed commitment to intensified supplier management.

This increased capacity leads to shorter customer lead time and production flexibility at IDE and benefits all its wide-ranging clients in Europe, Israel, Japan, China, the Pacific Rim, and in the United States and South America.

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