IDE Active Vibration Isolation

IDE Leads In Vibration Isolation

With the largest number of systems install worldwide and the most advanced technologies being developed year after year, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) has proven to be a leader in vibration isolation and environmental controls for more than two decades.


This includes Passive and Active vibration isolation modules. Our vast number of advanced solutions – from compact Passive LC series to the TCN Active series expanding to the cutting edge most advanced in vacuum NGI series – provide options for every difficult application issue that exists today. Since seismic vibrations tend to be random, all frequencies need to be addressed.

IDE Active Vibrabtion Isolation

Typical transmissibility curves of active and passive vibration isolation systems.

  • IDE Passive Isolators
    Passive isolators are superior for eliminating floor induced building vibrations. However, they have limitations the major drawback is their sensitivity to payload induced vibrations and dynamic forces. 
  • IDE Active Isolation Technology
    Active isolation provides "real time" 6 degrees of freedom control utilizing pneumatic air spring, coil spring or elastomeric springs as the basis for this unique hybrid approach. This combination allows for two significantly different approaches, SMS soft mount systems and HMS hard mount systems. 
  • IDE Hard Mount Systems
    The HMS rely mainly on the active control loop for isolation and have a much higher closed loop bandwidth than SMS. The hard mount systems typically address higher frequency isolation issues with the passive springs tuned to 10 or 20 Hz. This design feature results in making the HMS extremely stiff and allows for large stage or dynamic payload forces, while eliminating unwanted excessive payload motion.
  • IDE Soft Mount Systems
    The SMS overall performance comes mainly from the passive spring element. The active feedback system uses efficient contactless high force linear actuators, combined with seismic inertial vibration sensors, and Mechopneumatic or high speed Electro pneumatic leveling valves. As a result, the system remains inherently soft, which provides excellent broadband low frequency isolation and active payload "sky hook" damping.

IDE Is Actively Focused On Today’s Challenges

Whether you are a global OEM developing a new 450 mm platform or a prestigious nanotechnology lab needing the assurance of an industry leader, IDE has an ideal solution for you. Be assured, with all our experience, IDE understands your technology, understands your needs, understands your financial and professional challenges in this highly competitive world.

IDE’s success includes the ongoing development of cutting edge stage and floor feed-forward technologies, and IDE’s ground breaking introduction of extraordinary vacuum compatible UHV systems for EUVL (extreme ultraviolet lithography) metrology.

IDE Provides Unique Solutions

IDE Active Vibration Isolation

6 DOF (degrees of freedom) seismic shaker facility for vibration problem analysis, testing and simulation.

  • IDE Active High Speed Control
    IDE’s advanced high-speed controller technology provides the broadest bandwidth of truly active control in the most challenging environments. Furthermore, IDE’s advanced control algorithms and high dynamic actuators deliver an immediate response and ultra-fast settling time in 6 degrees of freedom. With high motor force output and long stroke capability, IDE’s systems are highly effective in the toughest, most demanding customer locations.
  • IDE Leads In Feed Forward Control
    IDE pioneered the development of Feedforward control-where disturbing signals are recognized and intercepted prior to their influence on the system. IDE first implemented dynamic Feedforward concepts using floor motion sensors known as Floor Feedforward sensors. The use of this feature provides unique low frequency isolation in the range of 1–10 Hz.

    Applying Feedforward control to systems with XY- stages cancels the effects of the stage forces on the isolated payload. Combined with our Opticon family of high-speed digital controllers the interface between the host stage controller and the IDE system controller is seamless. Settling time after stage movement is virtually eliminated and the overall residual payload motion is greatly reduced.
  • IDE Value Engineering
    IDE has developed the broadest technology portfolio offered today. This enables value engineering to be effectively applied to OEM applications in order to achieve and maintain low product cost without compromising overall performance. Whether it’s air spring, coil spring, elastomer spring or a hybrid design, IDE’s technology portfolio provides the broad range of capability required in any application.
    As a result, incorporating IDE’s proven experience and technology into a key design and development project results in an excellent price /performance ratio effectively embedded in a robust package.
  • IDE Superior Active Performance
    IDE’s family of active vibration isolators have been proven to provide superior performance at low frequency (a common effect of walking traffic nearby). Unlike stiffer isolators (ceramic based), IDE isolator technology protects critical images so they are stable, clear and unaffected even in the most heavily trafficked, severely disturbed environments.

    Extensive IDE research has shown that with the limited range of "extended stroke" units, piezo isolators are typically ineffective at isolating high magnitude disturbances. In limited applications where hard mount systems are appropriate, IDE offers the solution of highly dependable and effective stiff coil spring isolation systems, without the reliability risk associated with piezo.

IDE Works Actively Across The Board  

IDE active vibration products are proven performers that offer an ideal combination – a robust hardware package in a compact footprint. With isolation capability below 0.7 Hz and the capacity to handle everything from light to exceptionally heavy payloads, IDE’s ever-expanding, constantly upgraded product portfolio is designed to meet any isolation challenge.

IDE Actively Developing Customer Benefits

Since its first success in developing active and passive vibration isolation modules and systems more the twenty years ago, IDE never stops improving performance.

For example, the IDE SAMBA software package that enables event logging and remote diagnostic capability is constantly reviewed to optimize specific applications. Across the board, easy to use IDE control interface concepts are combined with upgraded, comprehensive IDE data acquisition and analysis capabilities to ensure continued trouble free operation in a wide variety of installations.

Long experience. Precision performance. And a unique understanding of vibration isolation in all its many forms has kept IDE in the lead worldwide.