IDE EMI Cancellation

IDE’s environmental control technology leadership extends to the mitigation of electromagnetic stray fields

Since launching the first commercially available system almost twenty years ago, IDE has been the leader in EMI compensation systems. Today, with Integrated Dynamics Engineering’s recent fifth generation product release, the MK5, SEM and TEM image quality is ensured in the harshest ambient conditions.


Today’s cutting edge microscope technology needs IDE ultimate environment control

An electron microscope’s finely targeted electron beam and ultra-sensitive detectors are readily impaired by building electrical conduits, vacuum pumps, mechanical equipment, nearby traffic and even other microscopes. At times, the source of the image blur is intermittent and unknown. With IDE’s combination AC/DC sensor and flexible positioning capability, the source of the disturbance doesn’t matter. Image quality is ensured. 


Sample SEM image – 15kV acceleration voltage; 19 mm work distance – with EMI disturbance
without (left) and with (right) IDE compensation.

IDE’s MK5 is the most powerful EMI compensation solution available

As proof of its technological leadership, IDE’s new, high performance MK5 is an outstanding accomplishment in control. The MK5 provides the lowest noise level (<0.5nT) and greatest field reduction compensation (up to 55dB) over a broad control bandwidth. Disturbances, both small and large (sensors can be placed in fields up to 400µT), are effectively cancelled to ensure the best image possible,  every time. And the performance benefits do not stop there. 

MK5 provides probe placement where you need it most

In response to demands for greater precision in the SEM and TEM environment, IDE’s MK5 has proven invaluable. Its compact sensor design and higher DC allowable field permit probe positioning close to the microscope column without interference effects. Even very tall TEM columns in broad field gradients can be protected effectively with IDE’s flexible 3-axis compensation and two sensor input capability.

MK5 is a robust hardware package with the latest design features

The IDE MK5 provides flexibility in a robust hardware package. With the combination AC/DC sensor for flexible positioning, 6 output channels for high power output, and custom configurable snap together cage for greater serviceability, the MK5 is the only product for all of your EMI compensation needs. The MK5 easy to use software features are accessed by a sleek, touch screen user interface. Auto-tune functioning, expanded diagnostic capability, USB or RS232 remote connectivity, and event logging make this state of the art MK5 technology the most user friendly EMI compensation product on the market today.

With IDE’s MK5, EMI compensation has been bought to an extraordinary level without sacrificing the look of your lab or its safety

The IDE MK5 is designed with the aesthetic feel of your laboratory in mind. The system incorporates three pairs of Helmholtz coils which can be wall-mounted or configured inside a freestanding cage which blends into the room environment. There are no dangling wires and no trip hazards which plague competitive systems. It has been proven: There is nothing comparable to the MK5 from IDE.

IDE EMI Cancellation

Effective reduction of EMI disturbances is imperative for instruments next to elevators, electric train lines or other sources of environmental stray fields.