IDE is the leader in environmental control for
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems

The technological advances in today’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems for the medical field are putting unprecedented demands on the environments in which these sophisticated instruments operate. Structural vibration and electro-magnetic fluctuations are but some of the serious issues addressed by IDE’s environmental control engineers in the MRI sector.


Every MRI site incorporates its own set
of environmental challenges for IDE to overcome

MRI systems represent a significant investment. As magnetic resonance images can be distorted by electromagnetic fields, frequently the location is isolated by passive shielding to somewhat insulate the detectors from image distorting EMI. But for a fraction of the cost of the machine an active EMI compensation can fully protect the image from damaging fields generated by other electrical equipment, passing traffic, elevators or other nearby equipment.

IDE can identify the source of the disturbance
and develop a high performance solution

From transmitted floor vibrations to low frequency magnetic field changes, a sophisticated, comprehensive IDE site survey can pinpoint the interference and result in recommendations utilizing IDE’s proven countermeasures that will bring any MRI system to its maximum levels of operation.

As a result of IDE’s unique isolation methods, IDE can, for example, bring new clarity to imaging resolution and overcome the most aggressive environmental disturbances.

Along with outstanding achievements in MRI visual performance, IDE can help increase uptime, provide greater reliability and substantially reduce operational costs.


The disturbances countermanded by the IDE systems are usually environmental or structure-borne, invading the space where sensitive instruments operate, such as medical MRI facilities.

Thousands of MRI systems have benefited
from IDE’s MK4MR isolation system worldwide

Clearly understanding the relationship between instrument performance and environmental disturbances, IDE has developed an optimal solution for MRI systems: the MK4MR.

This technically advanced, upgraded system delivers an impressive performance based on cutting-edge enhancements to its active, analog and digital controls that protect highly sensitive instruments with DC and AC disturbance safeguards.

The MK4 enables fully host-controlled parametric adjustments.This unique hybrid control is completely transparent to the user, resulting in an easy-to-operate system. Its highest performance is in the broadband frequency range starting at DC (0 Hz) up to several kHz.  It also offers a reduction of disturbance field amplitudes of typically more than 45dB.  

From initial installation to ongoing performance,
MK4MR is a highly dependable addition to any MRI facility

Optimal performance is just the start of the many benefits the MK4MR isolation system from IDE brings into today’s most advanced MRI facilities. From the beginning, the MK4 is easy to install, requiring a minimum amount of time, and continues to be easy to maintain. It features a robust construction for ongoing durability and stable controls that can be counted upon around the clock. And has built-in support elements for fast diagnostics and dependable trouble- shooting. In short, the MK4MR from IDE is a discreet but highly effective partner in optimized MRI.