IDE focuses on the important challenges that drive today’s semiconductor equipment design

With shrinking process geometries, new structural elements and a major increase in substrate size, the challenges to improving process yield and overall throughput have increased exponentially. These demands drive a stringent requirement for system stability and overall immunity from internal and external forces.

IDE understands these needs and has been at the technology forefront for over 25 years.


IDE – technology leadership and optimum price / performance ratio

Today’s semiconductor OEM’s need partners that are technology leaders and are responsive to their business needs. IDE understands doubling the throughput at double the cost does not make a good investment. IDE’s broad technology portfolio and understanding of your system dynamics allow value engineering of the right solution for your equipment design.

IDE solutions achieve unparalleled results

Advanced lithography and inspection tools must move faster and have quicker settling times in order to achieve higher area throughputs. IDE’s technology leading products utilize a stage feed-forward option, high motor force outputs and high speed actuation to achieve industry leading results.

NGI Series

Active Vibration Isolation Modules

  • The most advanced isolation system on the market
  • Patented high vacuum compatible technology
  • 0.5 Hz natural frequency
  • 40dB isolation at 5 Hz; 60dB isolation at 20 Hz
  • Stage and floor feed-forward options

TCN Series

Active Vibration Isolation Modules

  • Market leader with over 12,000 units installed worldwide
  • Large bandwidth of isolation beginning  at 0.7 Hz
  • Ultra-fast settling time
  • Stage and floor feed-forward options

STC Series

Active Vibration Platform

  • Sandwich style isolation platform
  • Hybrid design incorporates stiff steel springs providing excellent performance at higher frequency disturbances
  • Compact design with  integrated controller enables easy installation and tuning
  • Ultra-fast settling time
  •  Stage and floor feed-forward options

IDE – system dynamics leadership delivers high throughput automation products providing the greatest placement accuracy

Providing a wide range of automation solutions, IDE covers a full spectrum of automation demands for current and future technology challenges. Wafer and mask handling systems and components are designed with high throughput, accuracy and reliability in mind. Equipment manufacturers can add their core competent, application specific hardware and software into an optimized equipment platform. Combining IDE’s expertise in automation and isolation technology, customized structural dynamic systems are available. These include frame, isolation, stage and automation components, or a subset of them. IDE Service Lifting Tools enable safe and efficient service tasks of any equipment subassembly, eliminating ergonomic impact to service engineers, and significantly reducing service costs and tool downtime in service events.

SLT Series

Service Lifting Tools

  • Payload up to several tons
  • Extremely accurate horizontal & vertical motion range
  • Cleanroom class ISO 1
  • Vacuum tool compatible
  • Tool integrated w/o footprint increase

SDS Series

Structural Dynamic System Platforms

  • SDS platforms allow high system throughput by maximum dynamic performance
  • Modular setup, comprising base frame and isolation, optionally also granite, stage, substrate handling and minienviroment

Handling Systems

For Wafer & Mask Handling

  • 200/300mm wafer & mask handling robots
  • Wafer & (EUV) mask handling systems