Advanced microscopy, measurement machines, optical equipment, precision machining – all this and more need IDE environmental stability support

When designing or constructing a structure with the utmost requirement for environmental stability, most firms have turned to the technology leader for the last twenty years, Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE).


Some of the most challenging projects globally – including some of the cutting edge R&D laboratories and industrial manufacturing facilities, have had IDE know how in the design and supply of structural vibration, acoustic noise and electro-magnetic disturbance solutions. High end microscopy facilities, SPM or CMM measurement machines, optical inspection equipment, precision machining tools are just some of the applications.

IDE has precision solution engineering at its core

Understanding the delicate relationship between the machine or instrument and the dynamic world around it are the foundation of IDE’s technology and years of engineering experience. Site surveys with state of the art equipment and a talented engineering service team…..modeling of the site…..simulation of proposed solutions…prototype development and testing…These are just some of the tools at the engineer’s disposal. But it doesn’t stop there.

IDE’s environmental systems are the market performance leaders

The IDE environmental control engineer has the broadest product portfolio to value engineer the right solution at the right price. IDE’s hard mount and soft mount passive vibration isolators and platforms, linear motor driven active vibration modules, temperature controlled acoustic enclosures and electro-magnetic stray field cancellation systems are all leaders in the industry.


Passive Vibration Isolation Modules

  • Rugged design with up to 40,000 lb payload capacity per isolator
  • Industry standard for heavy platform isolation 
  • Clean room compatible 
  • Adjustable damping capability 
  • Sub 1 Hz natural frequency


Active Vibration Isolation Modules

  • Market leader in active vibration with over 12,000 installed
  • Isolation in six degrees of freedom 
  • High speed actuation and digital control
  • Broadest range of isolation available beginning at 0.7 Hz


Acoustic Enclosures

  • The Ultimate environment
  • Control of vibration, noise, temperature, EMI
  • Temperature control to 0.5° C
  • Easy operator interface



EMI Cancellation System

  • Greatest field reduction capability over the broadest control bandwidth
  • Flexible installation options including in wall, wall mount or cage mount
  • Three axis compensation
  • Easy to use software from a sleek touch screen user interface