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Global Microscopists Visit IDE At M&M

(St. Louis, Missouri) -- The prominent corner exhibit displaying sleek samples of IDE’s broad top-of-the-line Vibration Isolation Systems proved a popular stopping off point for scientists and researchers attending the Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) Congress at the St. Louis Convention Center, August 6-10. This year, there were more than 5,000 attendees at M&M from around the world.

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Highlight of the IDE display was a full size PAD Isolation Platform, which can be customized to fit any make tool placed on top of it. The PAD Active Vibration Isolation System Platform exceeds all industry requirements. It is the most cost-effective, six-degrees-of-freedom, active vibration isolation solution supporting the demands of high performance applications.

Enhanced low frequency isolation is achieved through IDE’s Floor Motion Feed-Forward feature. This high-end performance is standard on every platform.

Unlike conventional active feedback systems, the extraordinary PAD concept makes use of additional floor vibration sensors.

Also featured by IDE at M&M was the company’s top-selling controller and sensor for EMI Cancellation, the MK5. The MK series is installed in the thousands sites worldwide. The MK5 enables fully host-controlled para-metric adjustments, using a standard RS232 ANSI terminal.

The MK5 hybrid control concept is completely transparent to the user, resulting in an easy-to-control, and easy-to-install product with its highest performance in a broadband frequency range, starting at DC (0 Hz) up to several kHz. It offers a reduction of disturbance field amplitudes of typically more than 45dB. Options available from IDE include sensor-mounting kits for most SEM and TEM models. Helmholtz cages are custom-built into any room or may be ordered as prefabricated kits.

Also on display at M&M in St. Louis in the IDE exhibit was a full-size streamlined IDE Helmholtz cage with sensor bar that completes the full-spectrum MK5 system.

According to IDE Global Microscopy Manager, Jack Hughes, “IDE vibration isolation, EMI cancellation, and acoustic control systems continue to occupy a top place amongst SEM and TEM users worldwide. He added, "IDE products are installed in most advanced research facilities in the world due to our ability to create the lowest noise environment possible."

IDE will be exhibiting at the Microscopy & Microanalysis M&M Congress in Baltimore, MD, August 5-9, 2018.

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