IDE Material Handling

Introducing The Unique Service Lifting Tools From IDE

Solving A Major Problem In Semiconductor Manufacturing


With the extraordinary design and development of today’s vital semiconductor systems for lithography, metrology, process functions, eBeams, vacuum tools, and more, has come the need for the highest quality service tools to lift and move extremely heavy parts and subassemblies. These unique tools must be fast, safe, clean and meet all required standards. Achieving all this is the tough, multi-tasking SLT service lifting tools from IDE.

The technologists and engineers at Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) have created a multi-level solution - a unique family of service lifting tools (SLT) that bring proven safety, time savings, ease, efficiency, cleanliness, and reduce costs to the service function in fabs and labs worldwide.

To cover the many levels of service imbedded in a variety of semiconductor manufacturing systems, IDE has developed a highly focused series of service lifting tools that specifically address the function at hand, be it a massive 6-ton subassembly, a 1-ton machine module, or a 30 kg equipment component. Every IDE Service Lifting Tool either integrates with the individual equipment being worked on, without any increase in footprint, or can accommodate a  site-wide solution. As an added benefit, lifetime certification of all IDE service lifting tools makes safety certification unnecessary.

IDE SLT 1000

SLT 1000

The Ideal Service Lifting Tool
For Moderate Loads

SLT 1000 is the highly dependable workhorse in the IDE SLT family. Especially designed to handle medium payloads and dimensions in metrology and eBeam equipment, the SLT 1000 can move up to 1000 kg, and handle parts or subassemblies up to 1.5 m x 1.5 m. It provides automated vertical and horizontal parts movement, or can be manually operated. It requires no equipment service area in the fab, and is ISO Class 1 and vacuum equipment compatible. Sensitive optical heads, stages, granite blocks, overhead parts, eBeam sources, vacuum chamber lids, robots, modules and more - all can be easily serviced by the versatile SLT 1000.

IDE SLT 3000

SLT 3000

The Ultimate Service Lifting Tool
For Extreme Loads

SLT 3000 is IDE’s top-of-the-line line service lifting tool created for heavy-duty lithography, eBeam, vacuum tool applications, and process equipment. Its robust construction is ideally suited for moving massive parts up to 6000 kg and 4 m x 4 m in size. If needed, it can be adapted to any size payload. It is lifetime safety certified and ISO Class 1 and vacuum equipment compatible.
SLT 3000 features easy, automated vertical and horizontal parts movement. And does not require an equipment service area in the fab. It is considered by many to be their premier service partner.

Perform Service Tasks Quickly, Cleanly and Safely

IDE Material Handling

Introducing Leadership In Material Handling

IDE is recognized worldwide as a long-term supplier of premium grade material handling solutions for the semiconductor industry.


Our EFEM (Equipment Front End Module) systems with – 2 or 3 loadports in-line – are designed with an exceptionally small footprint, yet deliver high throughput, a high precision performance and unbeatable reliability. IDE’s customized handling systems for wafers and reticles meet or exceed all industry requirements for unfailing cleanliness and dependable quality.

Today’s Challenges

While structures on advanced wafers continue to become incredibly versatile, yet incredibly small, the strict requirements for absolute cleanliness get exceedingly difficult to achieve. To attain ISO Class-2 or better inside a cutting edge handling system requires proven experience in design, manufacturing and precision assembly. 

Furthermore, with cleanroom space limited and costly, achieving the smallest, yet most efficient, footprint is a key challenge in producing state-of-the-art handling systems. Here, IDE's engineers are on the forefront of technology. Meeting all criteria, IDE produces one of the smallest yet best performing EFEM's on the market today.

Technical Solutions

  • IDE End Effectors
    Taking a closer look, IDE’s exhibits an impressive expertise in end effector design to provide customers with unique solutions. As a result, IDE’s line includes vacuum end effectors, edge-grip end effectors for delicate wafer applications, reticles operated by voice calls or pneumatic isolators and Bernoulli-effect end effectors where needed.
  • IDE Scanners
    With the IDE end effector solution comes a precision mapping device for fail safe scanning. Using Class-2 lasers, proximity sensors or imaging tools, these track and report on the material in various stations of the handling systems.
  • IDE Robots
    IDE is a robot producer, as well. The standard robot operating in most semiconductor applications is the SCARA single arm robot. This is often supplemented by a dual arm robot for higher throughput. Versatile dual arm robots are especially valuable in vacuum applications where cycle times in the vacuum chamber are especially costly.
  • IDE Loadports
    Loadports are robotic devices that automatically open a cassette containing wafers or reticles. Cassettes come in various sizes and types. For 200 mm applications open cassettes or SMIF (Standard Mechanical Interface) pods are used; 300 mm wafers employ FOUP's (Front Opening Unified Pod) or FOSB's (Front Opening Shipping Box) reticles in SMIF pods. IDE has experience and integrates specialized loadports for all these cassetts and pods.
  • IDE Systems Integration
    IDE helps integrate a broad range of vital functions. For reading identification marks on material and containers there are several reading technologies. Camera systems read bar codes and 2D-codes on wafers and reticles. RFID readers and infrared readers are used for cassette identification. Each code requires specialized equipment. Communications between tools and the fab host call for industry-specific protocols. SECS / GEM based equipment communications are a standard.

IDE Product Portfolio

IDE's support in advanced handling systems includes IDE’s comprehensive design capabilities along with a proven record of precision manufacturing.

This combination of IDE handling system production along with IDE’s expertise in environmental control technology (vibration isolation, acoustic isolation and EMI cancellation) creates a comprehensive performance platform for the machine.

IDE delivers it all – handling systems with single-arm and dual-arm robots, pre-aligners, a Fast-Swapping Station (FSS) for increased throughput, various types of loadports (SMIF, FOUP, Open Cassette), as well as highly specific designs for mask flippers and rotators. What’s more, IDE's handling systems support identification mark reading, cassette identification, mapping, as well advanced control technology in both hardware and software.

IDE Customer Benefits 

For more than two decades, IDE engineers have guided prestigious clients through the pioneering development of 150 mm technology, through overcoming the challenges of 200 mm and 300 mm expansion – and still IDE is at the forefront, working side by side with in-house teams worldwide in the fulfillment of 450 mm technology.

This amassed know-how in designing and manufacturing extraordinary semiconductor handling systems is IDE's key advantage. Through it, IDE is capable of supporting the most sophisticated thinking in today’s automation technology.